- The competition is open to participants of all nationalities.
- The participants will be assessed based solely on the submitted video recording.
- A participant can take part more than one category (registration fee discount of IDR 100k / USD 10 for registration in the second, third and subsequent categories).
- Registration is necessary for taking part of the competition, the application form is available at
- Please note that, no revision/change the repertoire and link video after submitting the registration. Late registration up to 3 days after the deadline submission will incur an administrative fee for IDR 100k / USD 10.

- Key Dates  Application & Video submission deadline : 26th March 2023

  Judging period : 2nd April - 11th April 2023 

  Result of the competition : 16th April 2023 

  Entry Fees are payable through: 

  Bank transfer to  Bank Central Asia
  Account number : 0881384760
  Account holder: Grace Dianita Oentoro
  Or, Paypal

- The entry fee is non-refundable.

- The decision of the juries will be final and will not open to further discussion. Also the committee will not accept any intervention during the event.
- A Jury member cannot vote for his/her own student. Therefore, the result of the score is taken from the average of the existing votes.
- The committee reserves the right to combine or divide any group classes depending on the numbers of participant in each class.
- Participants agree and authorize the organizer to publish their name and recording for publicity.
- By submitting the registration form, participants agree to the General Rules of the competition.
- The committee is not responsible for the video content submitted. Therefore, it is expected the supervision of teachers or parents regarding the recording process, especially for underage participants.  


• Participant must submit the video recording link along with the application.
(No video revision after submitting the registration. Late to submit application up to 3 days after the regular deadline will incur an administrative fee for IDR 100k / USD 10)

• The video recording can be made at home, at private center or at music school (Not recommended to use a live-performance recorded from other competitions venue).

• The video should be a "one take" video shot and not edited in any way both audio and visual. Do not add any effects to the video: merging, transition effects or adding subtitles such as name/category/title of work (the identification can be done in the YouTube title).

• Please note that, where repertoire choice listed in registration form and video link are not met, will result in deduction of points.

• Participants have to perform the work from memory.