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Venue Rules, Regulations & Safety Information

Venue Rules, Regulations & Safety Information



• Participants are expected to be present in the venue 30 minutes before the scheduled performance to re-register their attendance.

• The participant will receive an order number to perform, in which if the participant has been called for 3 times and not present (or on stage) then he/she will be considered as bow out/resign from the competition.

• Participants who are late to attend (in the registered category' schedule) are allowed to perform at the end of the ongoing category. However, late arrivals after the registered category' schedule, participants may perform but not be assessed.

• To maintain the concentration of the performers and the judges, it is expected to keep quiet in the competition room by not talking, walking or running around the room.

• Please put your cellphone/gadget on silent mode and do not receive phone calls in the room during the competition.

• For the shared convenience and to maintain health protocols in the competition room, the participants may only be accompanied by one companion and teacher.

• Apart from the committee, taking pictures or videos can only be done from the seats.

• While the performance is in progress, the room door will be closed and re-opened during breaks between performances.
It is not allowed to open the door by themselves.

• For the violin and vocal categories, participants must have a live accompaniment thereof a piano is provided at the venue, however the pianist / the accompanist is to be prepared independently by each participant.

• Pieces must be performed by memory. Omitt the repeat marks, except for Da Capo (D.C) and Dal Segno (D.S). If 1st and 2nd room, directly to 2nd room.

• The announcement of winners and distribution of awards will be arranged in such a way by the committee at the end of each category.

• These ground rules were created in lieu / subtitute of technical meetings following the live event standards and as guidelines agreed upon by participants for entering the competition.