Perform one piece or work from the repertoire provided

LITTLE FINGER [ IDR 450k / $45 ]
A : ≤ 4 years old

B : 5 - 6 years old

INITIAL [ IDR 450k / $45 ]
A : ≤ 7 years old

B : 8 - 9 years old
C : 10 - 12 years old

PRE PRIMARY [ IDR 450k / $45 ]
A : ≤ 8 years old

B : 9 - 11 years old
C : 12 - 14 years old

PRIMARY [ IDR 500k / $50 ]
A : ≤ 9 years old

B : 10 - 12 years old
C : 13 - 15 years old

JUNIOR [ IDR 500k / $50 ]
A : ≤ 12 years old

B : ≥ 13 years old

SENIOR [ IDR 550k / $55 ]
A : ≤ 13 years old

B : ≥ 14 years old

Perform one piece, or movement of a piece from the repertoire list of any music examination system syllabus such as ABRSM, LCM, TRINITY and else.

PERFORMANCE GRADE 1 - 2 [ IDR 450k / $45 ]
A : ≤ 8 years old

B : 9 - 11 years old

PERFORMANCE GRADE 3 - 4  [ IDR 450k / $45 ]
A : ≤ 10 years old

B : 11 - 14 years old

PERFORMANCE GRADE 5 - 6 [ IDR 500k / $50 ]
A : ≤ 12 years old

B : ≥ 13 years old

PERFORMANCE GRADE 7 - 8 [ IDR 550k / $55 ]
A : ≤ 14 years old

B : ≥ 15 years old

No Age Limit

Perform one free / own choice duet (4-hands, on 1 piano) piece, or movement of a piece by any composer within 5 minutes.

Perform one free / own choice repertoire within the time limit.

A : 7 years old [ IDR 500k / $50 ] (max. 3 minutes)

B : 10 years old [ IDR 500k / $50 ] (max. 4 minutes)

C :  13 years old [ IDR 550k / $55 ] (max. 5 minutes)

D : ≥ 14 years old [ IDR 550k / $55 ] (max. 6 minutes)

Video Submission Rules

Video Submission Rules

  • Participant must submit the video recording link along with the application.
    (No video revision after submitting the registration)

(Late to submit application up to 3 days after the regular deadline will incur an administrative fee for IDR 100k / USD 10)

  • The video recording can be made at home, at private centre or at music school. But not recommended to use a live performance recorded from other competitions venue.
  • Recording must be performed by the applicants and must not be edited in any way (audio and video) nor should any effects be added to the video including sub- titles such as: name/category/work's title (such identification can be done in YouTube title section).
  • Pieces must be performed by memory. 
  • All "Da Capo" and "Dal Segno" indications should be observed but all other repeats, including First Ending should be omitted, unless the repertoire specifies otherwise.
  • Record the video from a fixed position to avoid "shaky hand" effect and facing straight ahead at the camera as in a live performance. Ensure that the video consistently captures the face and hands of the performer, where possible the whole of the keyboard should be visible and the pedals should also be in view.
  • It is recommended to record the video in landscape mode (horizontal orientation).
  • Participants will not be penalized for the quality of the video, but it is important to ensure the quality is good enough (image and sound) to see and hear the participant clearly.
  • Platform for uploading videos: YouTube onlyYouTube Video Format:
    - YouTube Title: Viva La Musica 2024 - the participant's name - category - Composer: repertoire.
  • Privacy setting: "Public" or "Unlisted"

Please make sure the video visibility setting before submitting your application,
and it must remain so for the entire duration of the competition.

  • Copy the shareable link and insert it into the registration form. 
Marking Criteria & Prize Structure

Marking Criteria & Prize Structure

  • The jury panel consists of professional pianists and educators in their fields. In awarding, jury members will give mark based on which qualities and abilities demonstrated by the performer in areas of technique, intonation, tempo, tone quality, interpretation, musicality, and performance as a whole.

    • The following prizes will be awarded to participants in all categories:
      1st Prize: 90 points - above
      2nd Prize: 85 - 89 points
      3rd Prize: 80 - 84 points
      4th Prize: 75 - 79 points
      Honorable Mention: 74 points – bellow

    • Cash prizes will be awarded to selected high scorer.
    • All participants will receive a Certificate and judge's comments (digital format) which can be downloaded in the website.
    • Medal for all participants will be sent to the registered shipping address after the announcement of the results.
    • Scholarship Masterclass with the jury member of for selected participants
      (*Limited to Piano Solo Free Choice Category only)

      Online Video Submission Rules

      Online Video Submission Rules

      • The participants will be assessed based solely on the submitted video recording.
      • A participant can take part more than one category (with IDR 50k / $5 OFF on second to third category).
      • Registration is necessary for taking part of the competition, the application form is available at
      • Please note that, no revision/change the repertoire and link video after submitting the registration. The repertoire listed in registration form and the video should be consistent.
      • Late registration up to 3 days after the deadline submission will incur an administrative fee for IDR 100k / USD 10.
      • The age cut-off by 19 May 2024

      Key Dates
      Application & Video Submission Deadline : Sunday, 19 May 2024

      Judging Period : 24 - 30 May 2024

      Result of the Competition : Sunday, 2 June 2024

      Entry fees are payable through
      Bank transfer : Bank Central Asia

      Account number : 0881384760
      Account holder : Grace Dianita Oentoro


      The entry fee is non-refundable.


      • Registration fee includes a medal.
      • Free shipping fee for the Java-Bali, Indonesia area. Outside Java-Bali area, the shipping fee is IDR 50k/participant.
      • For international shipping fee please refer to the options in the application form.
      • The decision of the juries will be final and will not open to further discussion. Also the committee will not accept any intervention during the event.
      • A Jury member cannot vote for his/her own student. Therefore, the result of the score is taken from the average of the existing votes
      • The committee reserves the right to combine or divide any group classes depending on the numbers of participant in each class.
      • Participants agree and authorize the organizer to publish their name and recording for publicity.
      • By submitting the registration form, participants agree to the General Rules of the competition.
      • The committee is not responsible for the video content submitted. Therefore, it is expected the supervision of teachers or parents regarding the recording process, especially for underage participants.